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Amazing Antler Carvings by Young Canadian Artist!

Samuel Cote uses his artistic talent to turn shed antlers into amazing pieces of indiviudal art.   This young man’s talent speaks for itself,  especially once you see the photos of his work.  Mr. Cote expresses incredible detail and life like scenes as he carves his work into shed moose antlers.  His work is fantastic!

“Most of us are beyond excited to simply find a shed antler. But for Samuel Côté, a 20-year-old artistic prodigy from Quebec City, Canada, turning moose antlers into breathtaking art has become a passion, and a profitable one, at that.”

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“A gifted artist since the age of seven, Côté excelled in the fine arts while at school. It wasn’t until 2013, inspired by his passion for nature (and moose in particular), that he decided to try his hand at antler carving.”

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