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Asleep In The Turkey Woods?

Many times the woods seems like a great place to nap while hunting.

I’ve often wondered what I missed  while my eyes were closed for just a few moments (of course).  Maybe the buck of my dreams walked by.  Maybe a great-horned owl flew across the field hunting for his next meal.  What I do know is a nap up against a tree on a moonlit April morning can be just what the doctor ordered.  You turkey hunters know what I am talking about!  Closing your eyes listening to the sounds of the forest can be so relaxing.  Whip-poor-wills, barred owls, an occasional coyote howling and sometimes even a gobbler gobbling from his roost! What better place to snooze than in the great outdoors?

For some, the consequences of a little shut eye can lead to memories that last a lifetime and stories to be shared with the next generation!

Four big birds were roosted behind Leonard’s place. They’d been there for a while, and they spent every night on the sharp hillside. After a few morning wake-up gobbles, they’d drop out of the tree and walk slowly downhill into the field near the river. False Dawn came earlier each day, and on this morning we tucked into the woods under the cover of darkness.

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