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Boosted by Trout

Have you ever been to Yellowstone in September?  If so you have seen those dedicated folks wading the Madison and  Firehole rivers in search of an illusive cutthroat or brown trout.  

Many wonder what could be so awe inspiring about catching a fish but until you’ve hooked a 3 pound cutthroat on an elk hair caddis you probably would not understand.  So, how could a fish such as trout help boost local economies? Seems parts of the country are benefiting from partnerships on local, state and federal levels.  Many dollars are spent each year by sportsmen and sportswomen to help fund conservation projects carried out by organizations such as Trout Unlimited.  

These conservation projects are vital to healthy habitats for our wildlife and fisheries and help ensure the next generation will be able to enjoy fighting a trout from the end of their fly rod!

“Over the past decade, Trout Unlimited has partnered with federal, state and local governments and other conservation groups to assemble about $45 million in restoration funding, covering at least 300 projects, said Duke Welter, outreach coordinator for TU’s Driftless Area Restoration Effort.”

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