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Brave House Cat Stares Down A Big Rattlesnake!

This is one brave Texas house cat.  Recently on a trail in  Laguna Vista, Texas,  birdwatchers were able to observe more than birds.  The group watched as this cat held an impressive staredown with a  pretty big rattlesnake.  The cat seemed to be  calm and not afraid of the big snake.  I know a lot of people who would have run for their lives.

As temperatures begin to warm up, snakes begin to come out of hibernation and bask in the sun.  Texas Officials encourage residents to be careful and help lessen any interactions with snakes.  Officials used this opportunity to educate the public on being careful in snake territory.

Always watch where you put your hands and feet when working or playing outside this time of year!  You just never know where a snake could be laying


“A feline in a south Texas town is proving that he’s no scaredy cat.”

“A group of bird watchers spotted the rattlesnake-cat staredown on a walking trail over the weekend, and alerted police.”

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