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Crossbow Grand Slam!

Grand Slams to turkey hunters are just as exciting as grand slams to baseball players!

In order to complete a turkey grand slam turkey hunters must take all four U.S. Subspecies (Eastern, Osceola or Florida, Rio Grande and Merriam’s).  To take a grand slam with a cross bow is quite a feat.  Mr. Bob Humphrey completed the first grand slam with his cross bow.  His story took an unusual twist but it worked out.

“Ten years earlier I set out to record the first official Grand Slam with a crossbow. It began as something of a lark, but took on a more serious tone as the pieces started falling into place. I knew a single-season Slam with short-range tackle would be a daunting challenge with a rather low probability of success. But isn’t that what makes such things worth doing?”

“Peter Brown of Extreme Dimension game calls helped defray some of the costs and provided camerman Scott Underhill to record the quest, and connected us with Wyoming guide Scott Shreve for our Merriam’s hunt. Industry contacts helped with a couple Rio hunts and I sort of took Easterns for granted, a decision I would come to regret.”

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