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Delta works to make airports safer

For years I flew out west to hunt big game and thought nothing of taking my rifle as a checked bag.  Once arriving at my destination in Missoula, Montana I would wait for my gun case to come around the luggage carousel with a handful of other elk hunters waiting to claim their cases.  This was a common occurrence and something I never thought twice about. Once the gun case was picked up along with the rest of my luggage I was out of the airport and off to the mountains for a week of hunting paradise.  I never once thought about someone taking their gun out and shooting innocent people in the airport.    Unfortunately we do not live in that world anymore.  What once was a simple feat of checking a gun in as baggage has become a major ordeal.  For the airlines they must weigh the options of providing safety and convenience to their passengers.  In part, Delta is working to keep their customers and staff safe due to previous acts of violence.  This change may be a little more of a hassle for passengers but in the end safety should be paramount to anyone traveling!  Like many things in the world we live in now have changed and so have the rules.

‘“Delta is committed to the safety of our customers and employees,” Delta said in a written statement. “Every day we look for ways to refine processes and procedures with the goal to improve safety and the overall travel experience.”’

“News of the change comes in the wake of the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport in January. A Marietta woman was killed in the airport shooting.”

“The incident also highlighted the fact that passengers can legally pack guns in checked baggage — and access them after claiming their bags.”

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