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Disabled Veterans to be Exempt from Rise in Hunting, Fishing Fees

In many states across the south, hunting and fishing license fees are expected to increase on July 1st.

In Georgia, this will be the first increase since 1992. Hunting licenses will increase from $10 to $15, and annual fishing licenses will increase from $9 to $15. While the price hike isn’t massive in small scale, it is expected to pull in around $7 million to $8 million dollars a year.

However, disabled veterans will be exempt from the fee increase, at least in Mississippi anyway. In fact, MS Republican Governor, Phil Bryant, signed Bill 2271 in April, which will allow veterans to hunt and fish at certain events for free!

That bill will also go into effect on July 1.

It says no license will be required for hunting or fishing at events where participation is limited to veterans with disabilities caused by combat. The veterans must have been honorably discharged, and they can live in Mississippi or come from out of state.

Mississippi law already waived the hunting and fishing license requirement for anyone ruled totally disabled by the Veterans Administration. The new law expands the waiver to a larger group of veterans.

The most expensive outdoors license is a $45 sportsman’s license, which allows fishing and hunting, including hunting with primitive weapons.

I think this is bill that should be signed in every state! Veterans should be able to fish and hunt for free after they risked their lives and fought for our country!



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