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Homeowner Protects Home and Property!

When taking a concealed weapons class you learn how to use, why to use and when to use your weapon.  For one San Diego resident, he utilized his skills and his quick thinking could have potentially saved his life and property.

The thought of having your home broken into is such a violation.  No one wants to think about it happening but you should always be prepared to protect and defend.  Criminals seem to think a locked door is nothing more than a minor roadblock but when the roadblock is backed up by a Sig Sauer it creates a whole new dynamic.  Everyone has the right to protect and defend themselves.  Kudos to this gun owner for his efforts in protecting what is his!


“It’s the middle of the night and you’re sleeping soundly. Suddenly you’re jolted awake by suspicious noises coming from downstairs. You realize there’s somebody in your house. What do you do? Well, if you’re anything like the San Diego homeowner we’re about to introduce you to, you grab your gun, head downstairs and give the home intruder a greeting in the form of multiple rounds from your Sig Sauer.”

‘“There was a flash of light so I knew there was someone in the home,” Kurt said.’

“Nervous and on full alert, Kurt grabbed his gun and went to check it out.”

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