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New Bait-Cavity Lure!

This new bait-cavity style lure sounds like a pretty interesting invention!

Hunting and fishing are intergral parts of the relationship I have with my children.  My almost 20 year old son lives to catfish and my 11 year old son breathes to fish farm ponds.  Therefore, any trip to our local Walmart for groceries usually ends up with a detour to the sporting goods section.  The boys don’t mind exchanging their hard earned dollars for some new fishing equipment they cannot live without.  They love to find the latest and greatest gadgets on the market in their search for fighting cats or lunker bass.  Interestingly enough a Caledonia, Wisconsin innovator has patented a new bait-cavity style fishing lure where bait can be placed inside the lure.  Sounds like a pretty nifty idea!  I’m sure there are plenty of folks willing to give it a try!


“Fishermen want lures to look and act like edible creatures to the salmon, trout or other species they hope to hook.”

“Bill Madala of Caledonia, who is retired from a career at SC Johnson’s entomology center, received U.S. patents on a single-tail fishing lure and a double-tail lure. What sets them apart is his innovation: bait-cavity technology.”

“A lure featuring Madala’s bait-cavity technology has a hollow tail, easily detachable from the lure-head and designed to hold a wide variety of baits. They are laid or dropped into the detached tail which is then snapped back into the lure head, with no hooking of bait.”

‘“The world of fishing lure patents has been a tight space for quite some time already, so typically new patents are narrow and cover a discrete product,” the firm stated. “Madala’s patents go farther by covering a whole lure concept which is easy to use and has many imaginable uses, benefits and embodiments.”’

“The advantage of not having to hook bait, Madala said, opens up fishing to people who, for whatever reason, lack the motor skills or inclination to hook live bait, or who have hand injuries or conditions that make hooking difficult.”

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