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Serving Up Dryland Fish

Its hard to beat a batch of fresh morel mushrooms sauteed in butter!

Morel Mushrooms, also known as Dryland Fish, are found in much of the U.S. from late March through May.  No matter what you call them, I call them delicious!  Knowing where to look and what to look for are the keys!  And remember, once you find your own patch of morels, shhhhh!

“Though the calendar may state that spring is here, in reality, it still feels like winter any many parts of the country. It doesn’t matter how much daylight there is, morels require warm temperatures to pop. Once days are consistently reaching the 60-degree mark and nights aren’t dipping below 40, the mushrooms will start to show themselves. An even better indicator is the temperature of the soil itself. Shove a probe thermometer into the dirt where you hope to find morels. If it reads 50 degrees, morels should start appearing with regularity.

“When you discover a motherlode of morels, go underground. The moment someone finds out you’re covered up in fresh mushrooms, they’ll hound you for intell. Should you decide to share the bounty by inviting friends over for dinner, at least keep your hunting ground’s location to yourself. No sense in giving up a treasure that you worked so hard to discover.”

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