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Sweet! School Teaches Children How to Shoot, Clean, Prep Game

When I was in high school, I was in agriculture class. We tended to our orange grove fields, because I went to school in Florida, the garden, and our field of cows that needed food and water everyday. We were taught how to cultivate the land, and even learned to drive tractors. It was all pretty neat, but not nearly as cool as learning how to shoot, clean, and prepare game!

Along with traditional learning methods, this school in Eastbourne teaches kids about the outdoors, such as starting fires, fishing, basic gun safety, and using a knife to clean game animals.

“The most dangerous thing you can do to a child is not expose them to an element of risk and danger,” Mr. Fairclough said. “We’re about giving children real experiences, giving them a lust for life, and giving them a passion for life as well.”

Some parents are upset about the school teaching these life skills, but West Rise Junior receives the best exam scores in the area…how can you argue with that!? I would definitely send my kids here.



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