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Till Hunting Do Us Part! [Video]

“Turning down a shot at a turkey takes a lot, and this hunter proves it.”

It has often been said hunting and fishing can be the death of a marriage.  I can relate!

I used to laugh and say a striped bass out of the Staunton River ended my marriage.  My husband loved to fish the river during April and May as the land-locked fish made their way upriver from Buggs Island Lake to spawn before heading back down stream.  Just about every free minute of his time was spent on the river during that time period. Therefore, one evening I asked if I could tag along.  He agreed and got me all set up with a hand tied bucktail before handing the fishing rod over.  We fished for quite a while and he caught a few males ranging from 4 to 6 pounds.

After a few hits I finally had a fish on!  And boy did I have a fish on!  I fought for nearly half an hour before getting the striper to the bank.  When we finally got the fish out of the water the big female weighed in at 20 pounds!  My husband was a little competitive. Needless to say it was a long ride home.   The following November I took a 200 pound, 8 point Virginia whitetail buck.  As they say, the rest is history and the divorce was inevitable!  Thankfully, years later we were able to laugh about the story.   He said he wished he’d mounted that fish and kept it in the settlement!

Watch this video for one the best turkey hunting jokes I’ve seen!

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