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[Video] Former Navy Seal: You Think Your Dog is Trained?

So you think your dog is trained huh? Does he sit and speak? How about rolling over and fetching? Some people would even call the completion of potty training quite the victory!

Here is former Navy SEAL, Mike Ritland, during a training session with a Belgian Malinois. The breed is extremely smart, as you’re about to see, and are commonly used for law enforcement and the military.

Look at that beauty! Did you see the dog’s agility and alertness?

Mens Journal reports Ritland gets paid up to $100,000 per animal to train dogs for combat in the military and homeowners at his Trikos school in Dallas, Texas, and he says, “It’s all about how you carry yourself.”

“Training dogs for the military is no different than training your dog to not bark – They always respond to non-verbal communication, reinforcement and psychology,” Ritland states.

In his new book How to Train Your Dog – The Navy SEAL Way, Mike explains how to channel the SEAL mindset to transform your dog into an elite pet.

Sounds like a book I need to check out in order to train my Belgian Shepherd!



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