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Virginia Hunter Still Going Strong at 103!

Growing up with two sets of grandparents and a set of great-grandparents who lived off the land in some sort of fashion was a great way to grow up.  My great grandmother and paternal grandmother loved to fish and helped instilled the art of catching crappie on a cane pole or bream with a freshly dug worm.  My great-grandfather was a deer hound hunter.  His hunting style didn’t rub off on me but I remember all the season preparation and stories from his hunts down in “Cumberland”, plus his favorite hound, Spot, happened to be my best friend for years. My paternal grandfather taught me all about rabbit hunting.  I lived for Saturday mornings when I could accompany him on early morning hunts.  Mom’s mom, Granny Hazel, she didn’t hunt or fish, but she would cook anything we brought home.  Then there is my dad’s father, Papa Roberts.  Papa retired at age 65 and took up hunting and trapping as a hobby.  My dad even bought him a lifetime Virginia hunting license for $5!

Last Monday as I sat in the backyard of my Papa’s yard cleaning my third gobbler of the season, I watched him at 103 years old planting a few rows of corn in this year’s garden.  He is one amazing man that lives his life for the Lord.   My family will tell you were are awfully blessed to have him in our lives.  I feel extra lucky because I was born on his 60th birthday.

This past deer season I had one mission, enjoy as much time with my Papa hunting I could.  Now, when I talk about hunting, I don’t mean sitting in a ground blind.  This man still climbs his stand, 20 feet up!  We took one afternoon to hunt during blackpowder season which happened to hit the rut in Central Virginia dead on.  The best part of the story is hearing him talk about this year’s hunting season!

I never knew my hunt of a lifetime wouldn’t include me pulling the trigger!

“A great story and inspiration for all of us who share the passion for hunting and the wonders of the great outdoors.”

“Clyde is a fantastic example and role model for all hunters, with his respect for the game he pursues and the many young hunters he has mentored over the years passing the treasured hunting heritage and traditions to a new generation—in Clyde’s case, several generations!”

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