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Watch This Smart Beaver Live to Swim Another Day! [Video]

As the daughter of a trapper, I thought I should give it a try myself.  Dad signed me up for a 4H Trapping course and I was so excited.  When we showed up for the first morning of class, the instructor was not quite as excited.  It was me and 10 boys!  Oh well, this had pretty much been the story of my life but I didn’t let it dampen my spirits.  I’d been around hunting, fishing and trapping my whole life.  I bet none of those boys had ever released a drake wood duck from a conibear on a frosty December morning while checking traps with their dad!

The 4H class came to an end and I had a succesful trapping season.  However, I did manage to hang the foot of my wader on an underwater limb and fell into the creek Christmas morning.  It was 20 degrees and Dad drove a ragtop jeep at the time.  The heat was questionable on any given day and that day it seemed non-existent by the time I got back to warm up.  When it came time to sell the pelts from my season, I was elated with my earnings.  Being a 12 year old girl trapper, I spent my hard earned cash on what any other 12 year old girl trapper would, a brand new Cabbage Patch Doll!

The video of this beaver outwitting the trapper brought back a lot of good memories from my trapping days.  Just goes to show, animals are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.  Watch as this conibear shy beaver throws the trap trigger and lives to swim another day!


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