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Wisconsin Hunters Can Now Donate Turkeys to Those in Need!

When turkey hunting I concentrate on hunting turkeys and making sure I have a good shot if given the opportunity.  If I am lucky enough to tag a spring gobbler, after the celebratory high fives and a few photos, my mind begins to wander to the kitchen and how tasty the bird will be.  In my house, we like turkey tenders in the frying pan or bacon wrapped turkey and jalapenos on the grill. No matter how I serve them up they do not last long.  In fact, the tasty morsels usually don’t make it out of the pan or off the grill before someone is sneaking in for a taste.

Not all hunters like to eat the game they take but thankfully there are several programs willing to accept wild game to families in need or homeless shelters.  Venison is one of the most popular donated game meats but now Wisconsin is providing turkeys to those in need.  Hunters have the opportunity to donate their turkeys in three counties right now as part of this new program.

Anything we as hunters can do to help provide assistance to our communities should be done.  Many times hunters are given a bad name but we do more than most people realize.  Therefore, if you don’t plan on eating your harvested game pleaes consider donating to someone who will!


“New for the spring 2017 turkey season, hunters now have the option of donating their harvested turkey to needy families through the new Turkey Donation Program”

“Donated turkeys will be processed free of charge and meat will be provided to local food pantries. For the spring 2017 turkey hunt, three pilot counties, Dodge, Fond du Lac and Jefferson, were chosen. This program will be expanded for the fall turkey hunt later this year.”

“Those interested in supporting the Deer and Turkey Donation Programs can voluntarily donate $1 or more to the Deer and Turkey Donation Programs to help cover meat-processing fees. To donate, visit any license sales location or donate online through a Go Wild account at GoWild.Wi.Gov

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