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World War II Ship Becomes Artificial Reef

Delaware and New Jersey will soon have an additional piece of artificial reef added inshore.  

A reclaimed World War-II ship, the Zuni/Tamaroa, will soon be sunk off the coast of Delaware and New Jersey.  Artificial reef placement increases underwater habitat for smaller fish and allow larger ocean fish areas of hunting habitat.  This creates additional recreational areas for anglers and divers.  Weather factors will play into consideration for the actually sinking of the ship but this new addition is exciting news!

“Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced today that the Zuni/Tamaroa, a World War II-era ship with a famed history at sea that continued into the 1990s, has been cleared by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Coast Guard for sinking onto the Del-Jersey-Land Inshore Artificial Reef. Zuni/Tamaroa will be jointly sunk by the two states in the near future approximately 26 nautical miles from both Lewes and Cape May, N.J.”

“Extensive environmental preparation for reefing the 74-year-old vessel included removing interior paneling and insulation, and emptying and cleaning the vessel of all fuel and fluids.”

“DNREC is the lead agency on the Zuni/Tamaroa reefing project, providing 75 percent of the funding from The Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration program administered by the US Fish & Wildlife Service. New Jersey is providing 25 percent matching funds from The Fisherman Magazine’s Sportfishing Fund.”

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