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Wow! A record fish in Los Angeles!

Are you kidding me?   Fishing in Los Angeles, California is something I had never thought about.

For one L.A. resident, however, not only did he catch a fish, he caught a huge fish!

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“MacArthur Park is in the middle of Los Angeles, near downtown. At the center of the park is a small lake, and it’s not most people’s idea of a picturesque fishing spot.”

‘”You got hundreds of homeless there,” says Sergio Talavera (or “Big Serg”) the president of the fishing club. “Every time we get there, we have to make sure that we’re not going to be sitting on needles. You see the syringes floating in the water, on the ground. It’s just one of those parks that where they tell you, the sun goes down there, you better get out of there.”‘

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“Club member Eddie Salmeron caught the massive fish. He was fishing and chatting with Talavera when he got a bite — and it was a big one.”

‘”I set the hook, and that was when the whole fight began,” Salmeron says. “My forearms started feeling it, my back started feeling it, my biceps felt everything. It was just — it was the longest 10 minutes of my life.”‘

‘”This fish was so massive, it was huggable,” Salmeron says. “It looked like those big teddy bears that you get on the carnival rides when you win ’em, the big fat plumpy ones — that’s how fat that fish was.”‘

“So for any fishermen and women out there, you might want to add L.A.’s MacArthur park to the list of possible vacations.”

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