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Is the .300 Winchester Magnum the elite choice?

Big game hunters are not only serious about their weapons and their ammunition.    There are so many options on the market but most notably the .300 Winchester Magnum is one of the most popular.  Many hunters chose this particular brand for accuracy and dependability.  When hunting large game such as elk, moose or even bear, having a dependable rifle and bullet is a must!  Though Winchester is not for everyone as my father is more of a Weatherby guy but to each his or her own.  Keep reading on what makes the .300 Win. Mag. a top choice!

“During more than 150 years of firearms and ammunition innovation, Winchester has created veritable icons, products that define their categories. Like the Model 94 lever action, the .243 Winchester cartridge, the Model 12 pump-action shotgun, and the Model 70 bolt-action rifle. But of all Winchester products, none is arguably more useful, versatile, long-lived, effective, and impressive than the .300 Winchester Magnum.”

“Certainly the .30-30 Winchester has accounted for more game and sold more copies. The .270 Winchester is more unique. But for all-round performance and versatility, it’s hard to beat the .300 Win. Mag.”

“Winchester didn’t hit the streets with its .300 magnum until 1963, almost two decades after the Weatherby appeared. To its credit, the company did not try to beat Weatherby’s speed record, even though it used the same basic .375 H&H belted-magnum case as the foundation for its new round. Instead, Winchester wisely shortened the case enough so that it would conveniently function through standard-length (.30-06 length) rifle magazines and actions. ”

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