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Get ready for hilarious new insight on turkey calling! [Video]

Being a turkey hunting “fool”, I’m always looking for new tips on hunting and calling.  Well, this is one the funniest videos on calling tips I’ve ever seen.  It definitely puts what a particular means to the gobbler in a whole new light.  I sure hope you enjoy this light-hearted video as much as I did.  Sometimes you just need to remember the hen may still be dancing in the club.   Chose your call wisely to draw that ol’ tom in!  Hunt on!

“In all my years of learning the ways of the woods never have I heard these words of wisdom shared so beautifully. The best thing is about the video is that on top of all the wonderful calling tips he gave, his hunting garb is just as impressive!”

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Turkey callin 101

Posted by The Lifestyle of the Hick that Entertains Us on Saturday, May 7, 2016

My guess is you won’t be able to contain yourself when you hear this redneck give what could possibly be the best turkey calling advice of all time. If you are a turkey hunter, then you don’t want to miss this.




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