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Angler hooks a rare moonfish!

Wonder what this California angler thought when his rod tipped on a recent fishing trip?  The rare catch was 90 pounds of moonfish, also known as Opah.  The oddest part of the catch was the location.  Moonfish are more common in the waters off of Hawaii not waters off California’s coast.  The Opah is a well known commercial fish but also well known for being one of the most colorful fish.  What an awesome catch for this angler and what a beautiful and unique species!  Moonfish are also known for delicious eating as evidenced by the angler’s video.  With a fish of this size there should be plenty of meals. Watch for yourself!

“A southern California fisherman made a once-in-a-lifetime catch last week reeling in a very rare, and giant fish.”

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“Shawn Steward of Oxnard, California was fishing not far off the coast of his hometown near the Channel Islands when he hooked into the big colorful fish not known for being caught in California waters.”

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