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This bear tries to enter a store after hours! [Video]

Just this week in Virginia, police were called to a bear cub that managed to break into a car.  Once inside the bear could not get out and then started blowing the horn.  Bears can get themselves into tricky situations in search of food.  Watch as this bear tries to enter a hardware store after hours in Grand Coulee, Washington.  Wonder what the bear was looking for?  He does a pretty good job of bouncing off the door before high tailing it down the street.  Hopefully he will find whatever he was looking for in the wild and not try breaking into another store!

“A hardware store in Washington shared a surveillance video of a black bear trying — and failing — to break into the shop’s front window last week.”

“The owner inspected the store’s surveillance video after a customer informed him that he had witnessed a bear roaming in the parking lot and it climbing a fence next to the store, according to KHQ.”

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