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Beware: Portuguese Man of War

As temperatures begin to warm and beaches become the destinations of many, the public is reminded to use caution. Beaches off the coast of South Carolina are seeing Portuguese man-of-war, also known as floating terror.  The Portuguese man-of-war lives at the surface of the ocean and moves according to the winds and tides.  Those whom have been victims of the floating terrors report severe pain and whip-like, red welts.  Though the pain may subside after a few hours the stings may remain for several days.  The public is asked to be on the look out for these creatures and remember they can still sting after washing up on the beach.

“Dozens of sea creatures thought to be the dreaded Portuguese man-of-war have drifted ashore on Hilton Head Island, where one beach-goer was stung, town officials said.”

“David Whittaker, assistant deputy director of the state Marine Resources Division, examined photos from Hilton Head and Seabrook to evaluate the situation.”

‘”It could very well be the Portuguese man-of-war,” Whittaker said.”

“People in the ocean need to be aware of the potential risk, he said.”

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