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What can you do to help save the honey bees?

Honey bees are extremely hard workers and we need to work hard to help save our honey bee population.  Honey bees are important pollinators for our crops and other plants.  I just started work on a wildflower garden in my yard to help do my part for these buzzing insects.  Not only do the flowers add color and beauty, I hope they will provide nectar to the bees and allow for pollination.  Though small in size, honey bees need our help.  It does not take much time or money to plant a small flower garden.  The Honey Bee Conservancy offers great tips to help get started   Won’t you do your part and plant a few flowers to help save the honey bees?


“More and more gardeners are anxious to do their part to help the bees by adding to the shrinking inventory of flower-rich habitat in their area. In return, the bees will pollinate your flowers, providing a bountiful harvest of fruits, seeds and vegetables as well as the joy of watching them up close.”

“Native flowers help feed your bees and are uniquely adapted to your region. Try to use flowers to which local bees are especially adapted.”

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