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Checkout some of the best scopes on the market!

Back when I started hunting scopes were the least of my concern.  I never really thought about the quality of the optics I was using.   I shot the same .223 with a Nikon scope for years and years.  Then I got into turkey hunting.  I began with a scopeless Remington 12 gauge.  A trip to the eye doctor shortly thereafter answered some questions with my vision.  Turkey hunting quickly became a passion and when I purchased my new .870 I knew it was time.  I had to put a scope on it.  I wasn’t really keen on using a scope on my shotgun but I had no choice.  This is when I realized how important a good scope really is.  Take the time to choose a good scope for your weapon and see the difference!

Checkout Outdoor Life’s list of the best scopes on the maket right now.

“Remember the old days, when a riflescope was an accessory to a rifle, an aiming device that was interchangeable between guns? You can still buy those basic scopes with duplex reticles in the second optical plane. But if submissions to this year’s riflescope test are any indication, those simple optics are being displaced by task-specific scopes that have sophisticated—and sometimes caliber-specific—reticles optimized for defined shooting challenges and dedicated rifles.”

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