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Disappearing Irish Beach Has Reappeared!

How would you like to live on the beach?  Wouldn’t it be great to open your door and see the ocean meet the beach every morning?  Now imagine, having all of that as your view only to wake up one morning and find the beach gone!  Due to a storm over thirty years ago, this is exactly what happened for some Irish beach residents.  Amazingly, now the beach has reappeared!  Last month the tide, called a freak event, brought the beach back!  And the residents couldnt’ be happier!  Nature is full of strange occurrences and this just happens to be one.  Odd weather patterns can be powerful forces of nature and thanks to strong winds, bringing the sand in with the tide, this Irish beach off the County Mayo coast has returned!

“The sand at Dooagh, Achill Island, was washed away by storms in 1984, leaving only rocks and rock pools.”

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“But after a freak tide around Easter this year, hundreds of tonnes of sand were deposited around the area where the beach once stood, recreating the old 300-metre stretch of golden sand.”

“Achill Island is a remote, rugged and unspoilt peninsula in the west of Ireland. Its most famous inhabitant was Heinrich Böll, the German anti-Nazi Nobel prize-winning writer, who lived on the island in the 1950s and 60s.”

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