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Family Dogs Found Beheaded on Train Tracks, Mother Warns Community

Any dog owner’s worst fears were confirmed last week for one family, when they found their two pitbulls, BB and Calypso, had been brutally mutilated, and decapitated. George and Christin Ormond, the owners, became worried and took to Facebook to warn the community that there was a sick, twisted person out there. Not only did she fear for other dogs in the area, but for the children as well.

Cristin’s post read as follows:

“I would like to share my thoughts on what happened to our dogs….
Yes it was unimaginable, sick, twisted, and gruesome. However, I cannot stress enough that we are not publicizing the story only for justice of our sweet dogs. I am speaking out for EVERY 5 year old girl walking on a nice day with her mommy, every little boy fishing down on the river, every man, woman, child and, yes, dog, that is taking a nice stroll just to get out of the house. IT DOESNT MATTER WHY, WHERE, WHEN OR WHO YOU ARE WITH, OR IF YOU ARE NOT WITH ANYONE..IF YOU ARE A GIRL OR BOY, MAN OR WOMAN, OR DOG, CAT, COW, HORSE, COYOTE….NO ONE AND I REPEAT THIS WITH THE UPMOST IMPORTANCE!!!!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO HARM YOU, TOUCH YOU, TORTURE YOU, OR EVEN TAUNT YOU. So, I will explain, I am persuing our dogs brutal death, not only for them…but for every person, and animal in mesa county, and beyond! Someone really twisted is out there, and I dont want to see anyone else or any other animal harmed and I can personally help prevent that from happening by making our story as big as it can get. I dont care about peoples rude comments, or remarks about pitbulls being vicious, because I am doing it for you too….it is not for us, it is for our community because I DONT WANT TO BE AFRAID OF LETTING MY DAUGHTER PLAY IN HER BACK YARD!”

Officials have since confirmed that the dogs were decapitated by a passing train. They came to this conclusion after aUnion Pacific conductor came forward to report seeing the two dogs with their heads intact. However, they were dead and just laying across the tracks. He tried to stop the train but simply did not have the time.


This does not explain how the dogs were killed and placed on the tracks though. Perhaps some sick person killed them, and thought that if they were run over by a train, no one would suspect anything? Either way, this is unacceptable!

Police are continuing the investigation.

The sheriff’s office asked for the public’s help figuring out how the dogs got on the train tracks. The dogs were found dead in the community of Orchard Mesa, next to Grand Junction.

“It was such an unimaginable scene,” said Christin, and referred to the act as “unimaginable, sick, twisted, and gruesome.”



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