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Have you heard about the new Nosler 22 bullet?

There is a new bullet in town!  Nosler has turned the average 22 bullet into a whole new dynamic.  The new 22 Nosler has advocates claiming better accuracy than the .223.  This is great news for those pursuing coyotes, foxes and bobcats as well as competition shooters. Hunters and shooting enthusiasts now have somthing new to try with the 22 Nosler.  I have a predator hunter in my house that cannot wait to give it a try!

“Those who chase predators and varmints, and those who shoot competitively, share a common trait: They are always looking for an edge. Gaining an advantage can shave seconds off a stage in a match or turn a miss on an animal into a decisive hit.”

“It is these folks, in particular, for whom the 22 Nosler was designed.”

“At the 600-yard mark, the 22 Nosler shoots 42 inches flatter than the .223, and is only 10 inches behind the 6.5 Creedmoor. So for a hunter taking a long shot on a coyote, the 22 Nosler will be more forgiving and provide a larger cushion for error in range estimation and holdover calculation than a .223.”

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