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Holy shark…he jumped in the boat!

A peaceful outing on the water turned harrowing for one Australian fisherman over the weekend.  I’m sure this is not what the angler had in mind when he set out in his boat.  He was probably thinking about reeling in a few fish and enjoying the time.  Maybe he was evening trying to reel in dinner.  Then all of a sudden the unthinkable happened!  Before he knew it a shark had jumped in his boat.  Now this would be terrifying but wait!  The shark tried to come after the fisherman in his OWN boat.  What a hair-raising experience!  Keep reading to see how things worked out for the angler.

“An Australian fisherman got a rare — and unusual — catch on Saturday when a great white shark leapt into his boat and knocked him off his feet. ”

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“Terry Selwood, 73, said he was on his 15-foot boat off Evans Head, north of Sydney, when the shark came charging toward him. It struck him with its pectoral fin before landing on him, he told the Associated Press on Monday. ”

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