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It’s like an underwater trail cam for anglers….

Technology has become a huge part of hunting and fishing these days. Drones are used above areas to see what the terrain looks like and hopefully see if any animals inhabit the area.  Apps on our phone give us the weather, wind, and any other hunting conditions in the swipe of a finger.  Now, underwater cameras are being used to give real time footage while fishing.  Serious anglers find these underwater cameras a huge benefit when fishing particular locations.  I guess if hunters can use trail cams to see whats in the area it should be ok for anglers to have the same opportunity!  Keep reading to see if underwater fishing cameras are for you in your quest for the big one!

“For a portion of the angling population, the beauty of fishing lies in its simplicity—a hook, a bobber, and a warm summer’s day by a lake is about as complicated as it ever needs to get. Then there are the rest of us. We want to learn fish secrets—all of them.”

“We gearheads also dream, mostly of fish-finder-screen fireworks. And that’s precisely what we were staring at while fishing Lake Superior’s Chequamegon Bay last summer. Our sounder was so loaded with arcs that I thought I had mistakenly hit simulator mode.”

“Top anglers like Elite bass pro Ott DeFoe now consider underwater cameras critical fishing tools. DeFoe, who has won $1.5 million catching bass, uses an underwater camera often when fishing for cash.”

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