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Are you looking to hunt Wyoming this year? If so, it should be a good season!

If you are considering a hunt in Wyoming for this fall, get ready to submit your application and look to eastern Wyoming.  The deadline to apply for elk, deer and antelope is May 31.  Wyoming Game and Fish staffers are prediciting this year to be a great season for elk, deer and antelope especially in the eastern part of the state.  Eastern Wyoming has quite a bit of private lands but there are numerous opportunities for hunters to gain access to hunting land.  Just make sure you do your research beforehand.  Good population increases of big game have also allowed for increased license quotas.  So, if you are looking for a western hunt, try Wyoming this year!

“Antelope, deer and elk populations are flourishing in eastern Wyoming. With increasing populations, hunting is predicted to be good this upcoming fall.”

‘“Wildlife populations in Eastern Wyoming continue to rebound this year with excellent fawn production in many of the region’s deer and antelope populations. In addition, most elk populations remain above population goals and hunters can expect another great hunting season this fall if they plan to hunt east of the continental divide,” said Doug Brimeyer, Game and Fish deputy chief of wildlife. “While this past winter impacted big game populations west of the Continental Divide, there was a much different winter in the east.”’

“Planning ahead goes a long way for a successful eastern Wyoming hunt. Hunters can plan their hunt with some help from the Wyoming Hunt Planner which includes maps of all hunt areas including features like land status, the ability to plot scouting locations, harvest odds from past years and more.”

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