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Maybe next time he should kiss a frog instead of a rattlesnake!

What was this Florida man thinking?  I’ve heard of kissing frogs and kissing fish, but a rattlesnake!  I could think of other ways to tempt fate if I really had to live on the edge.  Venomous snakes are nothing to play around with.  There are proper techniques and safety precautions that should be taken.  This guy is extremely lucky and should count his lucky stars he was not injured worse.  Snakes are more prevelant this time of year due to warmer temperatures.  Be mindful and smart when out and about.  Whatever you do, don’t kiss a snake!

“A Putnam County man was trying to kiss a rattlesnake when it bit him on the tongue, neighbors told Action News Jax.”

“Ron Reinold was flown to the hospital by helicopter in critical condition after he was bit by the rattlesnake on Tuesday.”

“Charles Goff said he found the rattlesnake on Monday night. He said he knows how to handle snakes and put it in a tank.”

“He said his neighbors should not have been playing with the snake when Reinold was bit.”

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