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Memories from afield…. photographs of the mind!

Memories are photographs of the mind.  I can tell you about my first whitetail buck and my first spring gobbler.  Both were over 2o years ago but I remember them like they were yesterday.  I can still see the frost on the leaves inside the woods of a broomstraw covered field I was hunting one November morning when a buck walked out with 14″ G2s.   Not to mention, the beard on the gobbler I missed this past spring season.  I love sitting in my treestand and reminiscing about past hunts or even future hunts.  Especially when six big gobblers visit every evening during deer season.  Makes me long for upcoming spring mornings in the turkey woods.

Then there is the first native brookie I caught at the base of the Blue Ridge just as a local Park Ranger came around the bend.  We spent the good part of an hour talking about being away from the stocked streams of Virginia’s opening day and how peaceful that particular stretch of Stony Creek was.  Memories are sometimes the best part of the outdoor adventure.  How about you?  Do you reminisce on memories from your trips afield?  I sure hope so.  I hope they let you relive the trip every time you close your eyes.  Keep reading for Kyle Wright’s article on his outdoor memories.

“Like many hunters, I depend on the successes of spring to get me through summer. The memory of a dewy April morning often eases the misery of a scorching August afternoon.”

“I killed a turkey this year, but it wasn’t much of a hunt and therefore isn’t much of a memory. Three toms with three distinctly colored heads marched by in formation at 45 yards, no thanks to my calling or decoying. I just happened to be set up behind the right fallen log. I shot the lead bird, Red, and left his buddies, White and Blue, to gobble another day.”

“So I’ll be depending on other memories this summer as the mercury rises. Thankfully, there are plenty of them.”

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