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Michigan restricts the use of drones over wildfires!

Drones have become increasingly popular over the past few years.  The flying cameras allow for extraordinary footage from the sky.  However,  this popularity has also caused numerous instances of interference in the sky.  Michigan has instituted a policy banning drones within certain airspace of wildfires.  This restriction has been put into place to lessen the chances of interference on working fire scenes.  Though it may sound like a great way to view fires from above, please refrain.  Let the professionals working do their job.  Firefighters and support personnel have enough safety concerns to worry about on scene.  They do not need to worry about any mishaps that could potentially happen due to drones flying overhead.

“The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is reminding drone, and other unmanned aircraft system, operators that state laws restrict drone use at the scenes of wildfires in Michigan.”

“Michigan’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Act prohibits an individual from knowingly or intentionally operating a drone or other unmanned aircraft in a manner that interferes with the official duties of firefighters, police, paramedics or search and rescue personnel.”

“Drones and other types of unmanned aircraft systems are becoming increasingly popular with not only the public, but with governmental entities, including townships, cities and states.”

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