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Missouri Department of Conservation implements plan to save hatchery from flooding!

It is often said it takes a village to raise a child.  Well it also takes a well run operation to stock a trout stream.  Throw in torrential rains and it also takes a good plan!  Recent rains across the country caused flooding in many areas.  One of those locations was Missouri’s Maramec Spring Hatchery.  Luckily, the hatchery staff had a plan ready to implement to save the trout on site.  The rains received were enough to create a pond like situation over the fish runs and dam.  The staff used aluminum covers over the runs which allowed for flood waters to go over.  The covers were succesful in keeping the fish on site.  Thanks to the hard work put in by hatchery staff,  Missouri anglers will continue to see normal trout restockings.  Fish on!

“The recent flooding events that occurred at the end of April and first week of May not only caused major disruptions in everyday life, they also posed a significant threat to the trout at the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Maramec Spring Hatchery near St. James. However, MDC staff rallied with quick action that averted potential disaster for the fish.”

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“Heavy rains during this period reached up to three inches a day and created unprecedented swelling of the Meramec River. “Luckily, it did not get up near our hatchery pools, but it did swell up the spring branch again and brought more unneeded water into the park,” said MDC Assistant Hatchery Manager Kyle Case.”

“The threat of the rising Meramec and encroaching flood waters forecasted the last weekend of April posed imminent danger to fish in the raceways. Fortunately, MDC staff already had put a plan in place to address the problem.”

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