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Mount Everest’s Hillary Step is gone!

To climb Mount Everest is more than a feat.  It is a death-tempting, must be more than prepared, adventure of a lifetime feat.  Many attempt to climb the towering peak but not everyone makes it to the top.  An average of 6 hikers die each year trying to make the summit.  One of the most notable parts of the trek is the Hillary Step just prior to the summit.

The Hillary Step was named after Sir Edmund Hillary who was the first to scale to the summit of Mount Everest.  The Hillary Step was one of the most dangerous parts of the climb with a 10,000 foot drop on one side and a 8,000 foot drop on the other.  Climbers now believe an earthquake in 2015 may have destroyed the Hillary Step.  The lost of The Step may prove a slighty easier summit climb, if that is possible when climbing Mount Everest.

“A famous feature of Mount Everest has collapsed, potentially making the world’s highest peak even more dangerous to climbers.”

“Mountaineers said the Hillary Step may have fallen victim to Nepal’s devastating 2015 earthquake.”

“The near-vertical 12m (39ft) rocky outcrop stood on the mountain’s southeast ridge, and was the last great challenge before the top.”

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