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Muskie Fishing 101

For Minnesota anglers, this coming Saturday is the beginning of muskie season.   To many anglers this is like opening day of deer season to hunters.  They wait all year for the season to come back in.  Muskie which are the largest member of the pike family are known for hard hits and even harder fights.  Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants to educate anglers as much as possible on these tigers of the water.  MDNR recently released a “Muskie Fishing 101” question and answer guide to help provide answers to frequently asked questions.  Test your knowledge and see if you know enough to pass Muskie Fishing 101.  If you plan to cast a lure in search of a hard hitting muskie on Saturday, good luck, hold on and I hope you catch a big one!

“Anglers can begin fishing for muskellunge on Saturday, June 3, in Minnesota – a state well known as a muskie fishing destination, according to the Department of Natural Resources.”

“While committed muskie anglers might cast large lures all season and be happy with a small number of encounters with trophy fish, casual anglers may not be in-the-know about muskies in Minnesota.”

“To help set the stage, Chris Kavanaugh, northeast region fisheries manager, discussed some muskie basics.”

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