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New Mexico Partners in North American Waterfowl Management Plan

State hunting license dollars will soon be used to help New Mexico Department of Game and Fish preserve waterfowl habitat in Canada.  Ducks Unlimited will also match funding from the state level.  Habitat in Canada is vital to migratory waterfowl that spend winters in New Mexico.  Partnerships of this nature are key to maintaining stable populations of migratory ducks and geese through habitat protection.  Though waterfowl is the main focus, conservation efforts of this nature benefit many different species.  Thankfully, hunters are top contributers to many successful conservation success stories. Good to see those dollars at work!


“The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish recently joined other states in contributing to habitat conservation in Canada, where most of the waterfowl that winter in the U.S. are produced each year. Thirty-seven states made contributions in 2016.”

“As part of the agreement, NMDGF will contribute $5,000 a year to fund habitat projects in western Canada. The state’s contribution will be matched by Ducks Unlimited and leveraged through the North American Wetlands Conservation Act, resulting in at least $20,000 a year for conservation projects. This conservation work will restore and enhance breeding and staging habitats that are important to waterfowl that winter in New Mexico.”

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