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Do not catch great white sharks in California!

Not exactly sure how you can keep from catching a particular type of fish.  However, if you are fishing in California and end up with a great white shark on your line, make sure you do not land the fish.  Great whites are protected in California and are not to be fished for recreationally.  Still, it can be difficult if the fish takes the bait.  This is a safety precaution for beachgoers and as a precaution to maintain the shark population.  Please keep this in mind if fishing California waters.  This year’s warm waters may be the reason the sharks are more populated off the shore of California.  Help keep the fish safe and do not harm them if caught.  And for goodness sake, please do not take a selfie!

“With an influx of great white sharks near Southern California beaches, officers with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife will be on the prowl this holiday weekend, looking for people intentionally trying to catch the protected species, according to an announcement released Friday, May 26.”

“In 1994, white sharks received special protected status in California law. Additionally, state regulations protect white sharks from recreational fishing. Federal regulations implemented in 2004 prohibit white shark retention in California, requiring their immediate release if caught.”

“As a top-level predator with naturally low reproduction, white sharks are susceptible to overfishing, according to the release. Additionally, nearshore areas in northern Baja and Southern California are known as a “nursery ground” for juvenile white sharks. Most of the sharks observed off Southern California beaches are sub-adults that typically feed on fish.”

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