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The NRA Announces New Program to Protect And Assist Self Carry Members!

The National Rifle Association is now offering new benefits for their members. The new program, Carry Guard, provides self carry members with insurance, legal fee assistance, training and support.  Under this new and first of its kind program,  members can access many networks of advice if needed.  In this day and time, citizens that lawfully self carry are often scrutinized, even when protecting their own lives and property.  The NRA has stepped up to protect their members with as much assistance as possible.  Keep reading for more information on this new program.

“On Monday, the National Rifle Association of America announced the launch of NRA Carry Guard, a program created to provide America’s most comprehensive insurance and legal coverage, as well as best-in-class training for those who carry a gun. NRA Carry Guard members can access many great benefits including legal assistance and the ability to select their own counsel, as well as immediate access as needed to supplementary payments for bail, legal retainer fees, compensation while in court and more.”

“Fully insured supplemental benefits are also given to members. Spouses of NRA Carry Guard members are automatically covered, as are family members who live with a member and lawfully defend themselves at home.”

“Today, more than 15 million Americans legally carry firearms in defense of themselves, their families and their communities. These are among the safest, most responsible, most law-abiding people in America. They deserve the utmost in training, legal protection and support that can only come from the premier firearms training and civil rights organization in the world: the National Rifle Association of America.”

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