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Shotgun Alligator…you won’t believe what these two did!

What were these two thinking?  Two South Carolina men (more like adolescents) recently decidedto have a little fun.  However, their fun was to shotgun a beer with a young alligator.  Unfortunatley, the alligator was the unsuspecting victim.   These two losers will hopefully end up in jail after their antics of downing the beer in the gator’s gullet.  Not only were they harrassing a protected species they were being complete idiots. Wonder if they were also charged contributing to the delinquincy of a minor?  It would be nice to see these two sentenced to community service and work with a wildlife rehabilitator.  Maybe that would help them realize what they did was wrong on many levels.  I don’t look for a judge to throw away the key but I hope one day these two will learn to better respect wildlife!

“Two men face potential charges of harassment after the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) received multiple tips and pictures of the men forcing a baby alligator to drink alcohol. ”

“The SCDNR Alligator Program Coordinator says alligators are protected under state and federal law, “where they are still listed as threatened solely due to their similarity of appearance to other endangered crocodilians worldwide.””


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