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Simple hacks to help you build a campfire!

In the early 1990’s, I was 17 years old and a recent high school graduate.  Instead of heading off to college, I headed west and got a job as the camp cook for elk hunters.  I am not quite sure what I was thinking but it sure was fun and I would do it all over again.  Being 2,200 miles away from home was hard but I quickly learned getting a camp fire started each morning was harder.  There were some days I thought I would have to resort to rubbing two sticks together, especially when it was dreary and damp.  Thankfully, it never came down to that but I could have used some “build a camp fire hacks”!

Cool September mornings in the middle of Montana were definitley better once I got the fire and camp coffee going.  By the end of the season I was a fire buidling pro and to this day I can still build a mean fire.  Here are a few simple and easy ways to get a blaze going for your fire.  It’s a great feeling to get a fire going right off the bat.  Hopefully, this will help if you ever need to start your own fire!

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“For a diehard do-it-your-selfer, buying fire starters at the camping store is out of the question. You won’t be happy unless you’ve made your own incendiary helpers for wet weather and tough situations. Lucky for you, some simple household materials can turn into a fierce fire – if you know how to combine them.”

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