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Snake bites student at a Florida school!

I have the school nurse’s number programmed into my phone because I have an 11 year old walking haphazard!  If it is going to happen to him, it is going to happen at school.  Imagine your child’s school calling to say your child has been bitten by a snake.  On top of that he was bitten by a poisonous snake.  This is exactly what happened this week to a Florida student.  The student was bitten by a cottonmouth which is an extremely venemous pit viper!  Now I realize how lucky I am for the minor calls I get from my son’s school nurse.  I try to remind myself it could always be worse.  Give me the bumps and bruises my son comes home with from the playground any day.  I can only imagine how scary this must have been for the student and the parents!  

“A Lake Mary middle school student is recovering days after being bitten by a snake on school grounds.”

‘”I was walking from 3rd period and was throwing my water bottle away, and it made a sound and it bit me!” explained Devin Waxman,  who attends Markham Woods Middle School.  “I didn’t see it before!”‘

“Animal expert Bob Cross, who recently pulled a cotton mouth from someone’s yard, says, “The drought is pushing them.  I mean if the swamps are drying up, cotton mouths are just like alligators, they’re going to go to the next water hole.”‘

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