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Use a scrape tree to see what whitetail bucks are using your hunting ground!

Die-hard whitetail deer hunters do not stop the pursuit of big bucks when the season closes.  We may clean our guns and put them away, but we do not stop planning, strategizing or thinking about monster bucks.  Once the hunting pressure eases up, summertime can be a great time to begin scouting for the upcoming season.  Trail cameras have become a great tool for deer hunters.  It is always great to see a good buck on your camera, no matter what time of year.  Creating a scrape tree in front of your camera may bring more bucks.  I really never thought about bucks using scrape areas in the summer.  Keep reading for more details on how you can create a scrape tree and see what bucks are using in your area!

“Those of us who make a habit of pursuing trophy whitetails don’t have an off-season. Our obsession is enabled by affordable, user-friendly game cameras, and images from late-winter cameras can be the “fix” needed to help us through the next several months, offering assurances that interesting bucks made it through another hunting season.”

“Because the goal of your scrape tree is to take inventory of all local bucks, Bartylla recommends sinking the tree well within game-cam range of the surrounding woodline (where your camera should be mounted)—about 30 to 50 feet.”

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