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[Video] Bandits of Bali seek ransom….

The macaques around Uluwatu Temple come by to visit tourists and leave them empty handed.  Now don’t get too upset, they will return your goods.  You just have to be willing to pay.  Any tasty treat will do!  These monkeys are obviously pretty smart in a deceiving sort of way.  They have used this behavior to gain rewards and now it happens more frequently.  Seems the older generations are passing the traits on the younger monkeys.   If visiting Bali, keep an eye out for these bandits.  If you do happen to fall victim, make sure you have a sweet ransom in hand!  Watch as the macaque and his buddies work a tourist out of his cigarettes!

“Primate researchers in Indonesia say a monkey mafia presides over an Indonesian temple. The mischievous macaques — who have deceptively sweet faces — take tourists’ belongings, only returning them in exchange for food, according to New Scientist. They’ve bartered over everything from hats to wads of cash.”

“Locals have long observed the monkeys’ rude behavior at Uluwatu Temple on Bali. Videos from the renowned temple show the animals leaping onto unsuspecting tourists, stealing their stuff and hobbling back to their perches as they await a ransom.”


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