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Watch as 84 year old Chandro Tomar shows off her sharpshooting skills!

Watch as Chandro Tomar, an 84 year old sharpshooter, shows what makes her one of the best.  In a country where women are expected to stay inside and do their chores, Tomar stood up against the odds and took up sharpshooting.  This sharpshooter did not start shooting until she was 65 years old.  Tomar had to tolerate those that did not think a woman should be shooting.  Especially when she beat the men!   Tomar also passes on her skills to young women in her hometown of Johri, India to help them be better prepared in self defense.   With over 100 medals won, Tomar has proven she is accurate in her shooting skills.  I love the way she stands and holds her weapon.  No two hand holding for her!   Way to go Chandro Tomar, may you continue your fine shooting!

“In Johri, India, lives a legendary competitive shooter who has many medals to prove her accuracy.”



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