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Watch as this NJ Police Officer saves a fawn trapped in a storm drain! [Video]

The news is mostly filled with gloom and doom these days.  Seems you can never turn on the news or scroll through the internet without the majority of headlines being bad new.  Watch as this New Jersey police officer rescues a whitetail fawn from a storm drain.  This is above and beyond normal police duties but the officer does so with a smile.  The fawn seemed to be just fine after the mishap and his lungs were definitley working well. I hope this small clip of good news helps to brigthen your day.  Officer Majek also helped save a buck entangled in some type of netting a few weeks earlier.  Watch as he helps save both deer!  This is the kind of good news we need to see each day!

“Officer Tim Majek, of the Woodbridge, New Jersey Police Department has a history of saving deer during his 21 years as a Woodbridge police officer, but this might be his cutest rescue yet.”

“This time around, it was a small fawn that was in need of his heroics, and officer Majek lived up to his reputation:”

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