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Here is a wildlife conservation project in Utah you can help with!

I am a strong advocate for wildlife conservation by sportsmen and sportswomen.  The dollars we put into hunting and fishing go to all kinds of projects that help preserve habitat.  But, there are other ways we can help.  One of the most important parts of wildlife habitat are good food and water sources.  Utah is looking for help to install guzzlers which are rain collecting tanks that serve as watering sources for many species.  Chukar live in arid areas of Utah and take advantage of any water source available.  The Chukar is also a very popular upland game bird for hunters.  So, here is your opportunity to give back if you live in Utah, get out and help install some chukar guzzlers!

“Chukar partridge are one of the most widely sought-after species among Utah’s upland game hunters. They also live in some of the most arid parts of the state, where every drop of water can make a difference for wildlife.”

“Guzzlers are tanks that collect rain water for birds, small mammals and larger wildlife to drink. These guzzlers and drinkers are placed strategically in dry habitats, giving wildlife easy access to the collected water. But getting the tanks in place is a team effort. Here’s your chance to help.”

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