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Wonder what this woman said when she discovered an iguana in her toilet???

Can you imagine lifting the toilet seat and seeing a long, large, green reptile just hanging out?  I am not sure about you, but I am sure I would’ve probably screamed and said something crazy, once my heart started beating again.  For one Florida woman, this is what happened in her home this week.  The family is laughing about the iguana incident now but it was not funny when it happened.  I took a lot of crazy calls in my 15 plus years as a 911 dispatcher but I never took an iguana in a toilet call.  I guess it was better than having a snake in the toilet, maybe!

“When it comes to unusual animals in unusual places, we see it all here in South Florida.”

“Now we can add to that list – an iguana inside a woman’s toilet.”

“It happened Tuesday night in a Kendall home. The woman said she got up to use the bathroom and that’s when she saw an unexpected visitor in her commode – a large iguana.”

“Her daughter says at first her mom thought it was a snake.”

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