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Wow…wait until you hear the buzz about a Georgia homeowner’s ceiling!

Wow!  I’ve heard about beehives in strange places but this DeKalb County, Georgia resident got a huge surprise.  Lisa Ohrmundt discovered the bees in her ceiling after seeing several flying around inside her home.  Thankfully, she called a bee specialist to have the ceiling investigated before attempting to remove them herself.  Can you imagine having hundreds of thousands of bees in your home?  I usually don’t like having one bee or wasp in my house!  With the decline of our honeybee population maybe these bees were just looking for some where safe.  They must have felt pretty protected!

Watch as the bee remover begins the removal process and discovers just how massive this hive really is. This had to “bee” nerve-wracking for the homeowner.  During the hive removal, 150 pounds of honey was brought out as well.  I guess if you are going to have a honeybee hive in your home you should at least get to reap the sweet reward!

“A 6-foot long beehive with hundreds of thousands of bees inside was found in the ceiling of a Georgia home.”

“Bobby Chaisson, a Georgia Bee Removal employee, operated a heat sensing camera to find the location of the bees and discovered the hive in the ceiling. The expert believes the hive may have been there for a couple of years.”

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